Last Updated 1-Jan-2000 by Anthony Yao in Kitimat BC Canada

image1 Founder's day 1975.
image1 Wu Kai Sha 1971.
image1 Wongneichong Reservior 1971.
image1 Founder's Day1973.
image1 Ma Sai Chung's wedding 1973.
image1 Non official class picture of M5A by Leo Lui 1969
image1 Myself and Lam Tuen Wah spend a very fruitful year in Clementi's M6.
image1 Cheng Wan Kin and Lee Sou Wing's family 1996 Vancouver.
image1 With Cheng Yik Ho, Lam Wai Fong, Ma Shui Shing and Wu Po King 1996 HK.


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