last Update 12-May-2000
CP8-1 CP 8 leaving for Vancouver 1987
A Tristar approching from Leyman Pass 1975
CP 8 leaving for Vancouver 1995
A night view from Quarry Bay 1996
The end of the runway from the Kwun Tong ferry 1996
Can a DC-10 cross the Pacific Ocean non-stop ?
Yes - Since 1985 this DC-10/30 and a sister plane have been modified to the DC-10/30ER standard to fly Vancouver - Hong Kong non-stop, fitted with 3 GE CF6-50c2b engines, the most powerful of this series of powerplant, sometimes I admire the creativity of the engineers, they think of giving new lease of life to older equipments.
A westbound trip takes 14 hours 35 minutes on a DC-10/30ER under ideal condition, in deep winter the aircraft had to force through strong headwinds, some trips had to make a technical stop in Taiwan or Japan.
CP 8 waiting for departure at Runway 31. 1987
CP 7 on her final approch to runway 13 after 14 hours crossing the Pacific Ocean.
Commonly known as "Cheung Chau approach" 1995
CP 402 in EXPO 86 livery ready for trans-Pacific trip via Tokyo.
A surprise trip to Hong Kong, the direct flight from Tokyo to Singapore was cancelled, an alternate trip was arranged to connect in Hong Kong.
The DC-8-61 did show her age, I recall my first trip on a plane was of the same type in the early 1970's.
Having a bright day with the Lion Rock clearly visible is a premium.
The Airport has been decommisioned in 1998, waiting for redevelopment.


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