last updated 15-December-2000 by Anthony Yao , BC Canada
GUY 3 Guy Arab Mk V half-cab double decker Bus, circa 1976.
The bottom of the bus was painted in bright red and the top was painted cream white. Most of the Guy Arab Mk IV buses were fitted with Gardner 6LX diesel engine and semi-automatic pneumatic gearbox, no more clutch pedal.
The "One Man Bus" decals can be seen on both sides of the cream white area. The decals of CMB was printed in blue and white.
GUY 4 Guy Arab Mk V double decker in CMB's new blue livery and a red bus stop circa 1979.
Since all buses were operated as "One Man Bus" at this time, the "coin and farebox" decals were nolonger needed.
Guy 1 The front of a CMB Guy Arab Mk V double decker's Birmingham style front, with the fare box at the rear.
Some older Guy Arab Mk IV single deckers with Birmingham style front look the same, execpt all of them were retired before the conversion to "One Man Bus" operation.
Guy 7 CMB Fleet No. S 12 Guy Arab Mk V double decker's Birmingham style front, circa 1981
S 12 was originally delivered as a 25 feet single decker. It was modified to a double decker. Retaining its length, the Gardner 6LX engine and the Birmingham style front including the figure head.
Daimler 1 Rear engined buses were introduced into Hong Kong during the 1970's. The Daimler Fleetline came with pneumatic gear box, Gardner 6LXB engine and low entrances. Most of these buses were 34 feet, whilst some were 30 feet. Some later models came with automatic gear box and/or Leyland engine. Both CMB and KMB operated the Daimler Fleetline buses, nicknamed "Jumbo".
Guy 5 The Leyland Victory II, 31 ft (9.7m) front engined transit bus designed and built by Guy Motors' Wolverhampton plant in the late 1970's for the Hong Kong users based on the GUY VICTORY J chassis, a popular model operated in South Africa.
The GUY VICTORY series were developed from the GUY WULFRUNIAN, a late 1950 concept bus designed for one man bus services.
The one to the right was painted in the original CMB livery.
The two buses in the picture have Walter Alexander body from Scotland, assembled in Hong Kong CKD (completely knocked down). All of these buses have since retired. Including CMB ceased to operete as a franchised bus carrier in 1998.
One of the former CMB's Leyland Victory II with Walter Alexander body was sent to the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum in 1999.

Dennis 1 The Dennis Jubilant, a Leyland Victory II look-alike, has very similar designs and using the same Gardner 6LXB engine and the same automatic transmission.
Most of them are using a similiar body built by Walter Alexander Co. in Scotland.
Both the Dennis Jubilant and the Leyland Victory II buses were custome designed for the Hong Kong bus companies, before the perfection of the rear engine technology. Both CMB and KMB operated the Dennis Jubilant and Leyland Victory II.
The bus in this picture has a Duple body.