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TAP MUN 1 (left) The Tap Mun Ferry stationed at the Tai Po Kau ( Tap Po literally "big marshland", Kau literally "delta" ) Train Station, now a part of the freeway. The Ferry terminus has been moved 5 km south to the University Station.


(top) The Tsui Wah Ferries took over the Tolo Harbour Service in 2000, calling at Kau Lau Wan.
TAP MUN.2 (left) Tap Mun's Perfect Salvation Community Church and school on the hill

(top) The same view of Tap Mun in 2000
TAP MUN.3 (left) Tap Mun's fish farm near the pier.

Tap Mun 6
(top) A panoramic view of Tap Mun. This picture was taken on a 13 x 17 mm size 110 BW negative on Kodak Verichrome Pan film, copied to a regular 35mm frame on Agfa Scala direct positive BW film and scanned onto a .PCD photo file.
I am very impressed with the 110 system, it is a working fun and entertainment photo system.
THREE FATHOME COVE (left) The Three Fathoms Cove with 14 isolated settlements, before the 1970's only accessible by the Tap Mun Ferry Service's regular stop "Shap Tze Heung" (Literally 14 villages) at Che Ha. The Ferry no longer calls Che Ha in the 1990's .
Lo Wai (left) One of the first 14 settlements accessible by paved road, Kei Ling Ha Lo Wai showing the terraced rice fields. (Please refer to the air photo below)

Three Fathoms Cove 98

(right) An air photo of the Three Fathoms Cove in 1998, taken from the window of CP 7 on her final approch from the Tolo Harbour to the new airport.
Sai Kung Shatin Hwy In 1976, the Sai Kung - Shatin Highway was well on its way, extended another 5 kms to the rest of the 14 settlements at Nai Chung, just 2 kms short of Wu Kai Sha.
CUHK.1 (Left) 10 years after her inaugeration, quite a lot of development within the Chinese University campus, even the other side of the harbour, Tai Shui Hang (literally "Big Nullah") began to develop. 1973

(Top) The same view of the CUHK campus, the University Station and Ma On Shan.
The highway was built on reclaimed land
CUHK.1970 (Left) A picture of the CUHK campus in 1970, part of the United College (top left) had taken shape, the space reserved for the New Asia College (top right)was still under preparation. Photo taken by a family friend on the ferry to Wu Kai Sha.
(Top) A 1974 panoramic view of the University Station, and the Chung Chi College from the newly completed New Asia College campus.
This picture was selected from the last roll of Kodacolor-X ( process C-22 ) I had ever used.
To my surprise, most of the C-22 negatives show no noticable colour changes after 30 years in storage.


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