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CP Station Candian Pacific Station on Richmond Street
rainbow Rainbow at deep autumn
St Marys Rail Diesel Cars (aka the Budd Cars - named after the manufacturer E.G. Budd Company of Philadelphia) pulling into St. Mary's. These self propelled, underfloor engined rail cars had saved a few branch lines in North America from closure.
1130 The console of the IBM 1130 - you can only run FORTRAN II on it.
Strathroy Arrival of the CN passenger train at Strathroy
CS Room UWO Computer Science Card Reader Room
LTC Christmas One of the London Transit buses in Christmas livery
PDP8 The Personal Computer of those days - the PDP-8
CDC CY73 The Control Data Cyber 73, the scaled down and modernized sister engine of the Control Data 6600 - the supercomputer of the time.
I do remember the proprietor Operating Systems of the time, like SCOPE 3.4, KRONOS 2.1, NOS/BE 1.3, INTERCOM 1.2, COMPASS 3.4, CM144000, the A, B and X registers
The Cyber series was the pioneer of RISC machines, a simple set of 64 CPU instructions, a few PPU mailboxes, and in the Cyber machines added 4 CMU instructions, clean and simple - compare to the other computers of those days with a jungle of instructions.
St George St. George's Church at Wharnncliff Rd North.


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