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Mui Wo 1 Silvermine Bay, Lantao Island circa 1970. The village of Mui Wo is 1 km from the ferry terminus beside a lagoon. Crossing a toll bridge, A levy of 5 cent per person each way to pay for the maintenance cost.
Mui Wo 2 Ferry to Hong Kong, circa 1975.
The Silvermine Bay ferry service between Mui Wo and Hong Kong was just a flag stop of the Cheung Chau ferry in 1970's.
In 1963 the operator introduced 2 state of the art fast ferries "Man Yuet" and "Man Loy" in the Cheung Chau Ferry Service. In 1970s more 3-deck fast ferries were introduced.
The Cheung Chau Ferry Service operated with non-stop service, plus calling at Ping Chau, Mui Wo and selected runs calling at Chi Ma Wan.
In late 1980's Lantao Island had her own ferry service and no longer operated as a branch line of the Cheung Chau ferry services.
tunnel The Cross Harbour Tunnel, 1972
The Cross Harbour Tunnel has changed the life style of Hong Kong, the cross harbour ferries lost ground over the next 20 years. 1972. ( Photo by the late Naomi I. on her last roll of Agfa CN17 film, possibly already outdated for 3 years by the time picture was taken, processed in the Agfa CNS chemistry, downward compatible with older Agfa, ORWO and Perutz colour nrgative films, the negatives were quite acceptable
High Island Reservior The High Island Reservoir, 1980
A popular holiday picnic sport far away from the city.
KCR station The New Kowloon Canton Railway Kowloon Station 1975
3 km North East of the old Kowloon Station, just next to the Cross Harbour Tunnel Kowloon entrance.
tai tam The Tai Tam Reservior
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