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My first encounter with wind music started with attending a recital of French flustist Jean-Pierre Rampal(d August 2000) in Hong Kong in 1961.
Since entered Pui Ying I joined the band, I started with the flute, eventually I went double reed.
Playing the oboe demands a lot of patience, strong lips and standing the accusation that it sounds like a funeral session. Assembling oboe reeds is a great experience, the best way is to turn off the phone, the TV, shut the door and work uninterrupted.

As a die-hard Anglican Chant and Medieval Music enthusist, I understand the beauty of the double reed music.

It may be very controversal for school bands to have the double reeds and the French horns.
Training is a problem, personality of the student is another issue.
For French Horns, some bands provide the mellophones as alternatives. There is no standard how a mellophone to be built. Most of the mellophones were built like a scaled down euphonium, mostly E-flat. A manufacturer build the mellophones like a scaled down French Horn, with piston values. No doubt, any body playing the trumpet can play the mellophone.
The double reed section is really a challenge. Personality of individual student and the trainer does play an important rôle.

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image1 1969 my last year in Pui Ying. The first colour picture of the band.
The principal then was Rev. Lee Kuen and the band instructor was Mr. Lo Kwong Hung.
The photograher was Mr. Lam Chun Biu , president of the photograhic club. It was quite a daring attempt, the film used was Agfa CN17 (DIN 17/40 ASA) at f/8 1/50 sec without a tripod.
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image2 1970 Founder's Day
image3 Another picture in 1970
image4 In 1974 I have an occasion dropping in and was invited to take a picture with the band members and the instructor Mr. Yung Ping Man.
image5 1968 photo of the band members.
image6 1973-1974 Band Members
image7 1973-1974 band members.
image8 reunion of the 1969 members. 1974
image7 With former band member Eric Mak 1980
ay9801 With former harmonica band member Edward Wai 1998
band1966a Band performing in the 3 Barbington Rd Campus 1966
collection of Mr. Yuen Lieh Shan (grad 1970 HKG)
band1966b Band playing in the Industrial Exhibition Fair 1966
collection of Mr. Yuen Lieh Shan (grad 1970 HKG)
band1966c In the HK City Hall for concert 1967
collection of Mr. Yuen Lieh Shan (grad 1970 HKG)
band1966d Band Members 1971
collection of Mr. Yuen Lieh Shan (grad 1970 HKG)
band1966e Reunion of members 1973
collection of Mr. Yuen Lieh Shan (grad 1970 HKG)
ay9801 Band Conductor and instructor, Mr. Lo Kwong Hung 1966
collection of Mr. Yuen Lieh Shan (grad 1970 HKG)
ay9801 A lot of band members were also active in other musical activities
collection of Mr. Yuen Lieh Shan (grad 1970 HKG)


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